The Game

Music and VR games go together like "the smell of napalm" and "the morning", but most games are set to one scene and song. Imagine an experience where you have multiple settings, a variety of enemies, and a music selection as large as your personal library.

Now imagine it has a catchy name, with a double pun inserted for good measure, and you get S#arp Shooter! A game for the HTC Vive where you are the star of your very own action film, complete with large mob sequences and the soundtrack you listened to while stuck in traffic to help imagine yourself elsewhere.

All weapons fire based on the music itself, and enemy spawns are scaled to match. You can earn headshots and aim to beat your personal high score, or play more casually and just enjoy letting the scene play itself out.

This game is currently in development, and while it has several levels and most of the core functionality already, the following features are planned for the future:

  • - Song Leaderboards
  • - Ability to play music from SoundCloud
  • - Voice Recognition
  • - More scenes, enemies, and guns


Film-Inspired Levels
Your Music Library
Awesome Guns
Virtual Reality
100% Your Own Action Movie!


Award Won


All stills captured live in-game.


Current menu design

Our current menu system

Graveyard level

Low angle Graveyard shot

Wild West level

Early Wild West level layout with saloon

City level

Early city level from above

S#arp Shooter will be available for purchase on Steam soon.