Complex Infinity is a studio dedicated to the creation of new and transformative content in the realm of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

In mathematics, complex infinity is the value resulting from the division of any number by zero. In essence it means that by attempting take some value from where there was none before, the greatest value is found.

This is the key principle that drives creation of content at Complex Infinity. The company's motto, "The Pursuit of Everything", is a constant affirmation of this commitment to create the greatest experiences for users.

The team at Complex Infinity is working to create complete user-driven narrative experiences in virtual reality. Experiences that engage users physically, mentally, and emotionally in order to provide users with a true sense of presence in the virtual universes being created.

The Team

Peter Galbraith

Founder. Virtual reality developer and engineer.

Myriam Feygin

Social media manager. Head of community engagement.

Hunter Galbraith

Lead writer and progressive design expert.


Latest Projects

Freshest Freebies

Currently all demos are only meant to work on the HTC Vive. Demos are updated periodically on an individual basis. Please do not redistribute or directly link to demos.

08/01/2016 - v0.1.2

Jedi Trainer VR Technical Demo

Jedi Trainer VR Technical Demo

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